Eke Panuku Development Ltd purchased a World Cup Modular Pump Track in 2018 and has since moved the track around Auckland 21 times.  The track is 65 lineal metres of riding track and draws a crowd - skateboarders, scooter riders, cyclists and bmx'ers.

The track transforms the spaces into vibrant social and recreational hubs for all communities it visits. For example, the track is much loved in Henderson, featuring additional amenities - a bike repair station, Parklife ping pong tables, seats, and weekend markets.

Photo/Video Credit to Panuku Development Ltd

Pump Track, Henderson
Pump Track, Henderson

Products and Services


World Cup Pump Track


Installation and relocating track around the city.


Allows clients to engage with the community in a positive way at their varied sites around the city.

Perfectly engineered berms and rollers for a guaranteed riding experience.
All wheels – skateboards, scooters, bikes.
4 months from order to installation.
No consents, earthworks and unknown costs.
Low/no maintenance compared to in-ground tracks.
Flexible design to add to, relocate, reconfigure or set up permanently.
Ultimate fun workout while building coordination.
Appeals to kids that are over playgrounds and to youth.

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