New Brighton Art Court was delivered by Parklife for Development Christchurch.  Local artist, Nathan Ingram, won a design competition managed by SCAPE and the team at Parklife translated the artwork onto the court surface.

Quality is key as the ‘artwork’ is subject to the usual extremes of the public space environment plus the rigours of a competitive game of streetball and often skateboarding and scootering.   

Parklife's intent is to create legacy projects.  The surfacing is a high quality multi layered coating system for public space and our the Mighty Basketball Tower is engineered to 7 NZ standards and comes with a PS1 Engineer Certification.

Crucially the artwork was well suited to the big, broad canvas that was the basketball court. 


The outcome for the community is a space that is vibrant, locally relevant and suited to competitive basketball. 

Courts create communities of players that gather for social connection, fun and to be active.

Responds to the wider popularity and lack of existing facilities for basketball that is the fastest growing major sport in New Zealand.

Sports Surfacing extends the life of the slab.
Basketball Tower is 100% recyclable and meets 7 New Zealand standards. 
Locally made to keep New Zealand working.