The spontaneous nature of park basketball suits our modern way of life with particular appeal for young people. There are no barriers to entry -  No entry fee, membership, trainings or coaches. 

Our Basketball Hoops are made in New Zealand, engineered [PS1], built to last and designed for players.  Basketball Courts are checked off by our in-house Olympian and designed for competitive play for the rigors of public space.  Check out the coloured court surfacing for art, murals and colour!

New Brighton Basketball Art Court
New Brighton Basketball FIBA 3X3 Art Court

There are not enough indoor basketball courts to keep up with growth of traditional basketball in New Zealand and parks and schools need basketball hoops that are tough and built to last.

For example, by 2021 Auckland will be 21 indoor courts short of demand. One indoor basketball court costs approximately $5 million vs $100k for one full outdoor court.

This combined with the rise of 3X3 Basketball - that will feature for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics - is placing more emphasis on outdoor courts to fill the demand.  

On a well provisioned outdoor court, Local Basketball Associations will use these as an indoor alternative to run programs and/or tournaments, particularly summer leagues.