Our specialty is signwriting and craftsmanship to take a design or artwork and translate it onto a large court canvas using a high-quality sports surfacing product that performs long into the future.

It is a privilege to bring to life the artworks of local designers, particularly from mana whenua and to shape urban public spaces with more Maori expression and visual stories.


Available in 36 colours.

Design Process 

The process for creating a large-scale mural painting on a court surface is a niche design and install service that Parklife offer. The method includes design (by Parklife or others), technical drawings/methodology, set out, installation (by Parklife).

Rotorua Lake, Basketball Half Art Court
Rotorua Lake, Basketball Half Art Court

Courts serve as a canvas for arts, culture, creativity and ngā toi. Evidence shows that public art supports New Zealanders' social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being.

The bottom-up process coordinates Council, the local community, iwi and artists. This culminates in an artwork that is often a source of pride for locals and represents the community to the outside world.

Practically the Mapei Surfacing extends the life of the slab, is vehicle-proof and maintains integrity long into the future.


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