Empowering Community through Art and Play: The Silo Park Art Court
Eke Panuku envisioned a reinvigoration of Silo Park's basketball courts, drawing inspiration from Te Ara Tukutuku, the concept of interconnectivity between land and sea. Parklife, a leader in creative courts and spaces, partnered with Eke Panuku and the project team to bring this vision to life.

Photo Credit: Eke Panuku Development Ltd

Photo Credit: Petra Leary

The court's design reflects deep cultural significance. Whetu (stars), representing the guidance of ancestors and references to Pōhutukawa, weave a story of connection to place and the environment (te taiao). This project, at 1700m2, holds the distinction of being the most significant Art Court in Aotearoa, fostering a powerful sense of community pride.
With a commitment to commissioned designs, Parklife translated artistic vision into reality. Expertise in technical detailing, craftsmanship, and seasoned experience ensured a visually stunning court that prioritized user needs.

The court provides a durable, non-slip playing surface suitable for basketball and futsal. This focus on functionality ensures the court serves the community for years to come.

The Silo Park Art Court exemplifies a successful collaboration between culture, design, environmental values, playability and functionality.

Visit the Silo Park Art Court and experience the unique blend of art, play, and cultural expression.