Embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier.

- Harvard Study of Adult Development

We all need a third place

We all need somewhere to go. Somewhere that’s not work and somewhere that’s not home. Somewhere we can meet people — people we know and people we don’t. 

The magic happens when the potential of our third place is recognised as a way to build healthy, happy communities.

Health intervention is needed as half of us are not active enough. Sitting is the new smoking and access to places to be active is strongly correlated with activity levels.  

Access is key yet indoor sports venues are maxed out, public space often caters only to select groups or for traditional sports that are declining in popularity.

Connected loneliness is a modern day experience of social isolation that impacts our health more than our cholesterol level. 


The process to create vibrant, active and social spaces is often lengthy, costly and with an unknown outcome. 

Our approach is to create surety - known cost, known outcome. 

We harness innovation and constantly strive to improve processes and products.

We respond to behavioural trends and to include all.


The existential problem of climate change seems overwhelming yet there are things we must do to be environmentally responsible on every project.  

Moving to a circular economy [re-use, repair, recycle products] and away from a linear economy - take, make, waste - is one and to adopt climate positive design is another.

These are the values that underpin our work

Sure  Green  Smart  All