The trailblazing Parkitect engineers have introduced unrivalled geometry to create the best global pump track for permanent installations for your local park or school, the Modular Pump Track - Park Series.

Local pump track design and build expertise for all wheels is rare. Now, you can get a pump track from the trail-blazing world leader, Parkitect, with all the magic built in. 

Guaranteed epic riding for all ages and skill levels with turnkey convenience - known cost, known delivery and zero project uncertainty.

The Park Series Modular Pump Track is for permanent installation. Planting and mounding can integrate the track into the environment.

All weather grip, durable, low maintenance, hidden hardware and rubber feet - suitable for all wheels and rider abilities.

Geometry features a 1.2 to 1.8m wide, slightly concave surface to keep the riders centred with contoured edges with colour highlights.

Patented design complies with Australian and European Standard AS EN 14974:2021, and is TUV certified.

A low-maintenance product that can be repaired locally or a complete module replaced if required.

Grow the track over time by purchasing additional modules to create a longer track.

Lead time is approximately 12 weeks for manufacture, plus 8 weeks of shipping.