High quality surfacing can extend the life of a surface, add colour, improve grip and enhance the playing experience.  Bright colourful courts are more inclusive as they are more likely to attract families and girls.  Surfacing can be applied for sport, play, learn to ride and to add art and culture to public space.

Applying surfaces that are not fit for purpose may look good for the ribbon cutting but are too slippery and/or break down to become a hazard over time.   

Basketball Half Court Unsworth Reserve
Basketball Half Court at Unsworth Reserve constructed by Parklife with Mighty Basketball Tower and Court Surfacing.

Surfaces that are safe, have slip resistance for sports performance, are able to withstand wear from play, weather, scooters, bikes, skateboards create great assets.  This will maximise social return on investment for the community and economic return on investment.  To calculate economic return on investment the complete product life cycle should be taken into account from initial purchase, through its operational period (maintenance requirements) to the end of life.  The longer the life and performance the better the return.