You have built the amenities, we add the finishing layer to inspire and enable people to play and interact. Bring your community to life with our colour Surfacing system and supergraphics expertise for your courts, playgrounds, walkways and cycle paths.

Unleash your creativity with the choice of 36 stunning colours to create custom designs that inspire and connect your community. 

Built to move - the high-grip surface ensures peak performance for all activities, from skateboarding to cycling and even vehicles.

Built to last - This durable system withstands wear and tear from play, harsh weather, and even vehicle traffic. It extends the life of your existing asphalt or concrete, saving you time and money on maintenance.

Mangere Maunga Basketball Art Court
Mangere Maunga Basketball Art Court

We offer an end-to-end service for transforming public spaces. We take your design or artwork and translate it into a stunning, long-lasting ground or wall feature using our high-quality, multi-layered surfacing product.