Auckland Council responded to the popularity of basketball and invested in a full basketball court at Barry Curtis Park. Job done, or so they thought. The court was barely used. 
That's when they called on Parklife to refurbish the court. We redesigned the space to include two 3x3 half courts and a full court, allowing players to choose between proper 3x3 games at each end or a full-court game. We also installed high-quality colour court surfacing and new Grizzly Basketball Hoops.
The result? A bustling court packed with players of all ages and skill levels. Shooting hoops, playing pick-up games, organised 3x3 competitions, and full-court scrimmages fill the air with bouncing balls and lots of chat.

Barry Curtis Basketball Full Court


Court Design



Grizzly Basketball Hoop

Coloured Sports Surface


Courts create communities of players that gather for social connection, fun, and to be active.

This responds to the broader popularity and lack of existing facilities for basketball, which is the fastest-growing major sport in New Zealand.

Mapei Surfacing extends the life of the slab.
Basketball Tower is 100% recyclable and meets 7 New Zealand standards. 
Locally made to keep New Zealand working.