The Parkitect Pump Track has the perfect geometry for rhythm and flow on bikes, skateboards and scooters.

Local pump track design and build expertise for all wheels does not exist.

No sweat, you can purchase the pump track from the world leaders with all the magic built in.

Pump Track, Nixon Park
Pump Track, Nixon Park

A turnkey product with known outcome, cost and delivery.

A generator of community good will and positive feedback.

Let them ride with confidence, develop skills, be challenged and experience the flow state.

What is a Pump Track?
A pump track is a sequence of roll overs (bumps) and berms (corners) for bikes, scooters and skateboards designed to be ridden without pedaling by pumping to creating momentum and flow around the track.
The geometry and engineering of the roll overs and berms are essential for rider safety and rider experience. The geometry allows riders to ride with confidence, develop skills, be challenged and experience the flow state.
The pump track is not the same as a bike, skate or scooter path. 
There are examples of concrete, asphalt and dirt pump tracks in New Zealand that don’t work well and others that work really well but not for all user groups e.g. works for bikes but not scooters.
Local expertise to create a track that serves all wheels – skateboards, scooters and bikes - simply doesn’t exist.
Getting the design or the construction wrong is potentially a safety hazard and is an expensive mistake.
A pump track that works creates an amazing riding experience and generates community good will and positive feedback. 
To deliver a successful pump track and world class riding experience Parkitect’s team of industrial designers draw on decades of research and development and riding experience to construct tracks in a controlled environment with high quality control standards. 
A world class riding experience, every time.