Pumptracks are typically designed for cycle sports consisting of a circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden by ‘pumping’ – creating momentum by up and down body movements.  In-ground tracks are difficult to get right and if the designer gets it wrong the track can easily become an expensive hazard.
The Modular Pumptrack is designed by experts in a controlled environment with all the berms and rollers perfectly engineered.  This gives surety of outcome for riders and owners. No earthworks required, no consents and no reason for project delays. Scooter, bike and skateboard riders all love the track and can ride, even in unison. 

Boomerang Pumptrack Great Barrier Island

Pump tracks have been growing in appeal and in numbers over the last decade, attracting riders from all levels to get involved.  Pumptracks allow riders to develop skills - coordination, manoeuvrability and improve reaction times.  Riding the track is a work out and is addictively fun.  The pumptracks appeal to people that may not take part in other activities therefore contributes to getting communities active.