Local Governments globally are recognising the role public space plays in the health and wellbeing of communities.  

The traditional approach of creating passive spaces doesn’t gel with our modern way of life.  People now lack ‘in real life’ social connection and access to places to be physically active.  

Driving has replaced walking and biking, television and video games have displaced outdoor recreation and all our online friends translate into a new state of being – connected loneliness.
Rather than creating passive spaces and adding temporary activation, let’s create active spaces from the outset.  Intriguing spaces that invite people to play, exercise, chat, hang out and connect…while caring for the environment in the process.  

The process to create such spaces is often lengthy, costly and with an unknown outcome. Our approach is to create surety - known cost, known outcome. We do this by packages that are carefully curated and pre-designed and costed for project efficiency - parklets.

To balance innovation and the environment we take the approach of designing and manufacturing high quality equipment locally and only importing innovation not available in NZ.   Our imported innovations include the Modular Pumptracks and Hubbster with all our other products from NZ.   

The diversity of thought at the decision making table does not always reflect the make up of the community. Providing spaces for youth, all ethnicities, all ages to feel a sense of belonging is the essence to building a healthy community.

World Cup Modular Pumptrack Northcote

It's time to move beyond an economic paradigm and operate on a balanced set of values that includes social and environmental outcomes. The existential problem of climate change seems overwhelming yet there are things we must do to be environmentally responsible on every project. Moving to a circular economy [re-use, repair, recycle products] and away from a linear economy [take, make, dispose] is one. Manufacturing locally, only importing unique innovation and offsetting freight on any imports is another. These are the principles that underpin our design, manufacture and construction work_