The World Cup Pump Track is a world-class pump track for scooters, skateboards, and bikes for all skill levels. Its perfectly engineered berms and rollers are guaranteed to deliver a thrilling ride. The World Cup model is Aotearoa's most popular track.

Track Dimensions

1m wide x 65 lineal rideable metres 

Riding Surface

High grip contoured GFRP riding surface. A range of colours are available.


High-quality, durable construction. Galvanised steel and European Larch timber understructure with Rubber Feet. Premium exterior grade European Birch with graffiti deterrent film coating.  


Concealed bolted M10 stainless steel.

Lead Time

Approx. 3 - 4 months from placement of order to installation.


No Resource Consent, Building Consent, safety surfacing or barriers are required.
The patented design complies with Australian and European Standard AS EN 14974:2021 and is TUV Certified.

Site Works 

The track can be set up on an existing free-draining paved area; no site works are required.

If an existing area isn’t available, the options include:

>>Mats for grass installation.

>>Compacted base course 1.2m wide under the track.

>>Concrete or asphalt 1.2m wide under the track.


Modules are stacked and shipped on pallets for handling by 2 - 3 people lifting.

Parklife provides full installation service and can upskill local contractors to move the track in the future.

Installation takes approximately 1 day.

World Cup Modular Pump Track

“An epic day down at the Eastern Viaduct, Urban Lab with the biggest turn out yet for Yoga and Community Pumptrack. So many people arriving here by bike, now that they know there is another safe, active destination on the waterfront”

Cam Perkins, Placemaker, Panuku Development





Pump Track Brochure
Colour Options
Maintenance and Warranty
Terms and Conditions of Trade

World Cup Pump Track, Panuku
Video source: Panuku Development Limited


The Hybrid Series Modular Pump Track can be installed permanently in one location or relocated to various sites. Relocation from one site to another takes only half a day.

All weather grip, durable, low maintenance, hidden hardware and rubber feet - suitable for all wheels and rider abilities.

Geometry features a 1.0m wide high grip surface built tough for the public space environment.

A low-maintenance product that can be repaired locally or a complete module replacement if required.

Grow the track over time by purchasing additional modules to create a longer track.

Let them ride with confidence, develop skills, be challenged and experience the flow state.

The World Cup Modular Pump Track is more than just equipment – it’s an epic wheeled facility that will serve your community long into the future.


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