Well designed and provisioned school outdoor spaces can contribute to the health and wellbeing of young people and lead to positive educational outcomes.

 The Modular Pump Track is ideal for schools to complement learn-to-ride, to encourage kids to come to school and to keep kids active.

Offering new and unique activities can engage kids that are not typically active, re-engage kids with school and overall increase activity levels and well-being.

The 4 Way Basketball Tower is perfect to add to an open paved area for endless fun.

“It's been really interesting seeing  the track’s value in engaging kids who may not really be that keen to be at school - if they like coming to ride on the track, then the whole school experience is more positive, and that has to be a good thing.”

Olga Mills, Board of Trustees

Beginner Straight Pumptrack, Northcote Primary

“The track has been so popular.  It has also been great to see kids that may not have otherwise been interested in being active, taking to using the track daily.”

Heather Bartlett, Deputy Principal, Northcote Primary School

4 Way Tower, Te Waka Unua Primary School

4 Way Tower, Te Waka Unua Primary School