The best hoop for schools looking for both junior and senior basketball and netball options. The unique height-adjusting mechanism requires only the backboard to be moved up and down rather than the whole tower, minimising stress on moving parts. The rotating feature allows for basketball and netball on the same court.

Designed for Performance and Safety

Increased Engagement: Provides more opportunities for players to participate and hone their skills. 

Height Adjustable:  A pair of commercial gas strut-assisted arms lowers the basketball backboard and hoop height from 3050mm for senior players, down to 2600mm for junior players.  The netball hoop has two attachment points, 3050mm for senior players and 2400mm for junior players.  

Rotatable: Easily rotate from basketball to netball with the aid of a lightweight hand tool.
Built to Last: Withstands the demands of unsupervised use and harsh environmental conditions.

Unwavering Quality

AUS Made: Manufactured in Australia for exceptional quality control.

Certified: Structural Engineer Design Certified for peace of mind.

Rigorously Tested: Independently load and cycle tested to 100,000 cycles.

Compliant: Complies with strict Queensland Education Basketball Equipment Specifications.

Unmatched Durability

Superior Corrosion Protection: Hot Dipped Galvanising (HDG) offers C4 Atmospheric Corrosivity Category (ACC) protection, ideal for harsh environments.

Lightweight Backboard: Full-sized 1050x1800mm white Polyboard backboard. A UV-stable and waterproof material that does not deteriorate or rot in the weather like plywood does. 

Innovative Hoop Design: Unique U-spring eliminates the need for rust-prone coiled springs with orange epoxy paint finish. Patented Waverail net tie system.

Photo Credit: Petra Leary.
Photo Credit: Petra Leary. Height Adjustable Rotating Basketball + Netball Tower

Basketball is a great social connector and is popular with a diverse range of people.

Courts in public spaces provide equitable access to the game, particularly for the alternative versions, including 3X3.

There are not enough indoor courts to keep up with demand for basketball. The courts a great asset for the local community and the Local Basketball Associations to run programs and/or tournaments.

The Basketball / Netball Adjustable Hoop is more than just equipment – it's an investment in quality, performance, and safety. 


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