New Zealand's popular pump track that has turned a carpark into a community wheels park for bike, skate and scooters. Howick Local Board funded a World Cup Modular Pump Track for the East Auckland community.

Order to install was 3.5 months with one day set up in an underutilised car park.

The Local Board have been overwhelmed with thanks. The Pump Track is very popular for all ages, all wheels. Skate park, bike park, scooter park and all in one.

Pump Track, Howick, Auckland
Pump Track, Howick, Auckland - Skate

Board chairperson Adele White says the response to the pump track’s installation has been “amazing”.

“It’s pleasing for the board to have been able to provide something for the community to enjoy after the 2020 Covid lockdowns,” 

“It’s good to see a large number of people of all ages having fun together and enjoying the outdoors.”

The pump track is located in the rear car park on the lower end of Nixon Centennial Park in Sale Street, Howick. It’s free to use. 

Quotes sourced from Times Online, Howick Local Paper.