Parklife have worked in collaboration with the University of Waikato to create an active campus for the health and wellbeing of students. A Parklife Master Plan has guided first install of a Ping Pong Table and second install of  Fitness Island.  

Fitness Island provides an exercise, workout space accessible to all students and is a gift from the University to the local community.  Providing for the health and wellbeing of students in real ways that students respond to sets the University apart.  

Young people are more aware of their health and wellbeing than ever and Fitness Island responds to their desire to be fit and social.  Boot camps are great group activities that use the island and the university sports teams.   No pay wall means access for all.


Accessible to all students and the local community.

Provides an additional training space to University sports teams.

Sets the University apart.

Encourages boot camp activities.

Combination of activities for all fitness levels.

Refurbished items included for environmental and cost benefits.