Eke Panuku engaged Parklife to deliver the design, build and integration of the mahi toi artwork by Paora Puru of Ngaati Te Ata Waiohua. The outcome was  a vibrant social hub for the community.

Photo Credit: Eke Panuku Development Auckland



Grizzly Basketball Hoop

Coloured Sports Surface

Park Solar Light


Courts create communities of players that gather for social connection, fun, and to be active.

This response is due to the broader popularity of basketball and the lack of existing facilities for it, the fastest-growing major sport in New Zealand.

Mapei Surfacing extends the life of the slab.
Basketball Tower is 100% recyclable and meets 7 New Zealand standards. 

The Solar Light allows play into the evenings to extend recreation opportunities for locals.
Locally made to keep New Zealand working.

Increase the number of visual stories of mana whenua in the public realm.