Pre-makeover, the Gribblehurst Basketball Half Court was grey and drab with cracked asphalt and a dilapidated basketball hoop. Parklife were engaged by Auckland Council for a design and build project to reconfigure the layout, patch up the asphalt, lay down our sports surfacing system, install a new basketball hoop and courtside seating.   

This approach of refurbishing an existing asset is the most cost effective and environmental way to create great recreation facilities.  

Quality courts increase participation opportunities particularly for players that don’t have the means to join a team.  Players become connected to their local court and a strong player community develops.  

Basketball FIBA 3X3 Half Court, Gribblehurst
Basketball FIBA 3X3 Half Court, Gribblehurst

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Basketball Half Court Plans


Basketball Tower 


Refurbish Asphalt, Lay Sports Surfacing, Install Fence + Tower


Environmental benefits of re-using existing surface and extending the life with new surfacing.

Local players have a place to get together, be active and socialise in a positive way.

Accurate court dimensions allow for shooting practice and 3X3 games.

Responds to the wider popularity and lack of existing facilities for basketball that is the fastest-growing major sport in New Zealand.


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