Tauranga City Council identified that there were areas in Gate Pa which didn't meet their level of service for open space for the community.

As a result the land on Cameron Road was purchased to create a new neighbourhood reserve.

The local community and tangata whenua defined their aspirations for the new neighbourhood reserve which included a basketball half court.  Parklife in liaison with the Council provided the plans and Grizzly Basketball Tower for the project.  A solid group of players call this court their local and play here frequently.

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Basketball D Court Plans


Basketball Tower 


D Court is the most cost efficient and the minimum required for competitive play.

Courts create communities of players that gather for social connection, fun and to be active.

Responds to the wider popularity and lack of existing facilities for basketball that is the fastest growing major sport in New Zealand.

Basketball Tower is 100% recyclable and meets 7 New Zealand standards. 
Locally made to keep New Zealand working.