A Speed Ring Modular Pump Track on the corner of New Brighton Rd and Brooker Ave, in the city's earthquake-hit Burwood suburb, was opened to bring life, fun and activity to the 'red zone.'

Speed Ring Pumptrack, East x East
Speed Ring Pump Track, East x East

The track has much loved by locals and by those traveling to the track from other parts of the city.  Skateboard, bike and scooter riders have been frequenting the track and bringing life back to area.


Perfectly engineered berms and rollers for a guaranteed riding experience.
All wheels – skateboards, scooters, bikes.
4 months from order to install.
No consents, earthworks and unknown costs.
Low/no maintenance compared to in-ground tracks.
Flexible design to add to, relocate, reconfigure or set up permanently.
Ultimate fun workout while building coordination.

Appeals to kids that are over playgrounds.