Christchurch City Council is committed to improving gender equity in the use of active spaces in the city's parks. Basketball Courts in parks are often dominated by males. Colourful, vibrant courts are shown to be more welcoming to females and families. 

Branston Basketball Half Court
Branston Basketball Half Court

Branston Park welcomes girls and will be supported by the female basketball community that will run events and attract girls to play pick-up ball or have shootarounds.

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Court design.


Coloured Court Coating


D Court is the most cost-efficient and the minimum required for competitive play.

Courts create communities of players that gather for social connection, fun, and to be active.

This response to the wider popularity and lack of existing facilities for basketball, which is the fastest-growing major sport in New Zealand.

Mapei Surfacing extends the life of the slab.
Basketball Tower is 100% recyclable and meets 7 New Zealand standards. 
Locally made to keep New Zealand working.