A 12-year-old boy’s persistence has paid off with the new modular pump track in Shirley Community Reserve.

The pump track installation follows a petition – led by Chisnallwood Intermediate pupil Shannon Smith – to the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board, calling for the creation of a skate, scooter and bike area. His determination resulted in the opening of the pump track in May 2020.

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Concept Plan


Quadragon Pump Track.


Installation of base track and pump track.


Perfectly engineered berms and rollers for a guaranteed riding experience.

All wheels – skateboards, scooters, bikes.
4 months from order to installation.
No consents, earthworks and unknown costs.
Low/no maintenance compared to in-ground tracks.
Flexible design to add to, relocate, reconfigure or set up permanently.
Ultimate fun workout while building coordination.Shirley Quadragon Pumptrack.