A portable pump track shared between four schools in West Auckland is helping children enjoy school time more, and gives their schools a valuable shared recreational resource.

Don Buck Primary School board member and parent Olga Mills first noticed a Parklife modular pump track for bikes, scooters and skateboards at the Henderson Massey Local Board Offices, and saw how popular it was.  

Olga sought and received funding from Transpower for an Intermediate Rhythm Straight that saw the appeal because of its ability to be moved between schools and therefore impact on many children across the community.

Intermediate Straight Pumptrack, Don Buck Primary School
Intermediate Straight Pumptrack, Don Buck Primary School

Olga said the open, flexible approach Parklife have towards track configurations means there is something for everyone in terms of track type, the area it can fit into, and the budget available for such an asset.

Products and Services


Intermediate Pump Track.




Engages kids that may not otherwise be keen to be at school.

Perfectly engineered berms and rollers for a guaranteed riding experience.
All wheels – skateboards, scooters, bikes.
4 months from order to install.
No consents, earthworks and unknown costs.
Low/no maintenance compared to in-ground tracks.
Flexible design to add to, relocate, reconfigure or set up permanently.
Ultimate fun workout while building coordination.
Appeals to kids that are over playgrounds.

Attractive to funders as they appreciate surety of outcome.