When Thames Coromandel District Council (TCDC) took possession of three tennis courts at Te Puru on the Thames Coast, the challenge was how to make best use of an asset, keeping it used and of on-going interest to the locals.

With no other facilities like it up the coast the council wanted to bring a Speed Ring Pump Track as it was affordable and easily installed on the old court’s footprint.

Speed Ring Pump Track, Te Puru
Speed Ring Pump Track, Te Puru

“When we saw the Parklife Speed Ring Pump Track we jumped at it. What we liked about it from the start was that it was within budget, it was movable and it had a very flexible, modular design.”

Ross Ashby, TCDC.

Councils face significant cost and consent hurdles when building permanent structures including skate parks. A large part of the cost relates to the concrete and permanent materials required in such designs.

“You could typically be looking at a cost about twice what the Speed Ring Track is, and of course, there is the time involved in planning, design and consenting (if required).”


Speed Ring Pump Track


Basketball Half Court Plans


Perfectly engineered berms and rollers for a guaranteed riding experience.
All wheels – skateboards, scooters, bikes.
4 months from order to install.
No consents, earthworks and unknown costs.
Low/no maintenance compared to in-ground tracks.
Flexible design to add to, relocate, reconfigure or set up permanently.
Ultimate fun workout while building coordination.
Appeals to kids that are over playgrounds and to youth.

Creates a great community feeling and strengthens the relationship between the community and TCDC.