The Rhythm Straight Pump Track is perfect for schools and other high-use areas. Schools have reported that inactive and disengaged kids have taken to riding the Pump Track, giving them a reason to attend school and get moving.

Track Dimensions

Track Length.... 29 metres or other lengths
Track Width....   metre wide (with a 2m safety zone on either side)
Modules.... 16

See Downloads for the Set Out Plan.


Material.... Proprietary reinforced high grip riding surface
Structure.... European Birch with galvanised strengthening components and rubber feet
Hardware.... Concealed bolted M10 stainless steel
Colours.... A range of colours available

Site Works 

The track can be set up on an existing free draining paved area, no site works required.

If an existing area isn’t available, the options include:

  • Recycled milk bottle plastic mats for placement of the track on grass.
  • Compacted base course 1.2m wide under the track.
  • Concrete or asphalt 1.2m wide under the track.


Modules are stacked and shipped on pallets for handling by 2 - 3 people lifting.
Parklife provides a full installation service and can upskill local contractors for moving the track in the future.

Lead Time

Approx. 3 - 4 months from placement of order to installation.


No Resource Consent, Building Consent, safety surfacing or barriers are required.
The track complies with EN 14974:2019 Skateparks – Safety requirements and test methods.

Intermediate Pump Track

“For me, and from a board perspective the track is a real asset – that ability to share it is something funders really appreciate, they see that the use is constant and ongoing as children come back to it.”

Olga Mills, Board of Trustees



Set Out Plan
Pump Track Brochure
Colour Options
Maintenance and Warranty
Terms and Conditions of Trade

Pump Track, Don Buck Primary School
Pump Track, Don Buck Primary School
Local pump track design and build expertise is rare.
Now you can purchase a pump track that delivers a world-class riding experience.
A turnkey product with the magic built-in - known outcome, cost and delivery.
A generator of community goodwill and positive feedback.
Let them ride with confidence, develop skills, be challenged and experience the flow state.



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