Beyond dull concrete - unleash the vibrancy of your public spaces with art and colour.

Urban Art transforms ordinary asphalt or concrete expanses into vibrant, active public spaces—all without the high cost of traditional paving.

Here’s how we do  it

Vision to Execution

Parklife takes your project from inspiration to reality with our comprehensive design and installation services.

Plan Prep

We collaborate with your artist or designer to create Set Out Plans for your approval. These plans detail the optimal layout for the landscape integrating the artwork.

Application & Install

Our experienced team smoothly manages the installation process. We work closely with other contractors as needed and hold the necessary health and safety system and insurances to work in schools or public spaces. Our artistry meets technology approach guarantees a successful application of your desired artwork.

Naval Point Public Space Street Art
Naval Point Public Space Street Art


Peace of Mind 

We are a recognised international leader in colour courts, with a distinguished body of work.

Collaborative Spirit

We work with you and your design team to create a custom design that tells your community's unique story and is both functional and visually captivating.

Cohesive Appeal 

Achieve a unified colour scheme that seamlessly integrates with surrounding play equipment.

Vision Becomes Reality 

We use unique technology to translate the design onto the court, ensuring your design comes to life as intended.

Colour Meets Play

Our Colour Courts feature a smooth, high-grip surface perfect for basketball, wheeled activities, and all kinds of court games.

Boost Activity

Transformed spaces attract more users, encouraging active lifestyles and community engagement.

Long-lasting Value 

The Colour Court system is high-quality, durable, vehicle-proof, and low-maintenance. It extends the life of your asphalt or concrete investment, guaranteeing your community's artistic expression endures for years to come.

Environmental Sustainability

Extending the life of the asphalt or concrete reduces the long-term environmental impact.  


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