The process for creating a large-scale mural painting on a court surface is a niche design and install service that Parklife offer.

Our mission is to create active spaces to keep communities fit and social. Reimagining courts and grey concrete and asphalt into public murals contributes to this mission.


Known cost and outcome at project outset.


The product supplier has a Sustainability and Transparency practice that includes the following certifications and standards: Green Innovation, Green Label Plus, Green Squared,Cradle to Cradle and Red List Free

Gue Court in Mapei Surfacing in Italy

The design process requires an understanding of the following:

The purpose of the court (sport, play, interaction, inclusive values, community etc.)

The product and application process (the applicators are not artists) 

That the artwork works at scale

The know how to prepare technical drawings/methodology

Onsite set out to direct the install

New Brighton Art Court
New Bright Art Court Design by Dr Suits

Available in 36 colours.
Products - 5 years
Application - 2 years.


Maintenance and Warranties
Colour Chart

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