The Parklife Surfacing System is a new two-component epoxy-acrylic resin characterised by its excellent durability, slip-resistance and performance.
Resistant to most climatic conditions and aggression from smog and UV rays forming a hard-wearing, durable protective layer.
Suitable for application on both new and old asphalt and concrete substrates including those already coated.
Exterior applications include multi-sport courts; scooter, skate, roller-skate rinks; cycle and vehicle lanes; coloured streetscapes and even street furniture.


A global research and development network with research and scientific developments for incremental improvement in products.


Known cost and outcome at project outset.


The product supplier has a Sustainability and Transparency practice that includes the following certifications and standards: Green Innovation, Green Label Plus, Green Squared,Cradle to Cradle and Red List Free

Gue Court in Mapei Surfacing in Italy
New Brighton Art Court

Available in 36 colours.
Products - 5 years
Application - 2 years.


Colour Chart

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