Every community has their own unique set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing a good skate facility. An above ground ramp can be the best fit for budget and space.

The Half Pipe Ramp provides flexibility to move and to add other features to as budget permits. The ramps can also be used for youth pop up parks, tactical urbanism and work well with pumptracks and bike playgrounds.

The ramps are designed and manufactured by world premier skate park designers ARC.


H1.2m x W3.6m x L9.1m

Skate Ramp Half Pipe
Skate Ramp Half Pipe


Known cost. Known outcome. 


Long-life product. Repairable. Replaceable elements.

ARC is part of the Green Skate that sets forth to create baseline standards for sustainability in the production and maintenance of skateparks. 


Skate Ramps in local neighbourhoods provide free access to this activity. Girls need to be welcomed and encouraged to use the ramps through activations - girls-only events.


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