Bike features can be combined to create Bike Playgrounds or can be added to cycleways for skill building, for fun and to encourage cycling.


Known cost. Known outcome. 


Long life product. Sustainably sourced wood. Repairable. Replaceable elements.


Bicycle Playgrounds are a great activity for all ages.

ARC Bike Tunnel

 Precision Cut.

Stainless Fasteners.

Tamper Proof Hardware.

Galvanised and Powder Coat Finish.

ARC Bike Feature
ARC Bike Feature

Progressive Bike Ramps are a highly respected American company with a solid track record delivering bike and skate facilities globally, now available in New Zealand through Parklife.

Skills courses  include ladders, bridges, tunnels, rollers, cones, teeter totter, rings and signs. 

The elements are unique because they do not require an existing trail system, eleveation change or large plot of land. Products are precision made, modular and full customisable. Each piece is engineered for a variety of ramp options and fastener free riding surface is easily replaced as time dictates. 

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