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The Modular Pump Track has been precision engineered for the perfect flow and form for bikers, skateboarders, scooters and other riders to use a ‘pumping motion’ to accelerate around a track. 

The ParkLife/Parkitect team can design a custom configuration to meet a client’s budget and site.  The nine configurations shown offer a myriad of different progressive riding tracks that are proven to deliver fun.

The tracks offer surety of outcome for client's - one upfront price guranteed to deliver fun on all wheels.

The Modular Pumptrack complements 'learn to ride' programs allowing kids to have fun and learn balance, manoeuvring and improve reaction times - great skills for riding on the road.

The plywood framed track is Parkitect’s original and most versatile product. These structures have proven their durability in the harshest environments: from the deserts in Dubai to the snow of the French Alps. Top quality timber is cut and treated to protect against water and insects and all fasteners are rust proof.

Added to the frame is a fibreglass composite riding surface to give the perfect nonslip riding solution. Engineered for long life, low maintenance and high grip, this riding surface gives instant confidence to everyone riding the track.

Plywood modular tracks are light enough to be transported to events and strong enough to be installed permanently in public spaces.

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