Ping Pong is a great connector that adds culture, art and play and delivers health and social benefits to communities.

The elegant design allows for competitive play and to withstand the extremes of the outdoor public space environment.   The table is available in a range of colours and is perfect for placemaking teamed with the Ping Pong Hubbster. 


100% recyclable. Made in New Zealand.


Known cost. Known outcome.


Ping Pong is a universal connector, popular in Asian communities and good for all ages. 

Ping Pong Table
Table Tennis Table Rauora Park

Design your own bespoke table selecting 1 of 7 colours for the top and net.

Mild steel protected with PPG zinc and paint system to PUR5 - minimum category C4 High / 25 years durability.

Table Top and Net_
Aluminium with Dulux Durated Powdercoat finish.

Project Examples_
Rauora Park_University of Waikato

NZ Standards
Steel NZS 3404:2016
Welding AS/NZS 1554:2014
Fixings AS/NZS 1252:2016
Galvanising AS/NZS 4680:2006
Coatings AS/NZS 2312:2014.

5 years.


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