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Ping Pong

Table Tennis


Ping Pong

Table Tennis

The elegant design of the Table Tennis Table allows for competitive play and to withstand the extremes of the outdoor public space environment. Ping Pong has proven to be an effective tactical urbanism tool to promote social togetherness, physical activity and to provide fun. The table is available in a range of vibrant colours that can be tailored to the environment. Bats and balls can be stored nearby or in a Hub.

Proudly designed and manufactured in NZ. The table is made from steel and aluminium which are plentiful but non-renewable resources. These elements are however very durable and is
well suited to outdoor products where maintenance is minimally required. The table can be 100% recycled.

The table allows play from a wheelchair.

The quality of the structure is maximised by manufacturing in NZ to give the product a long life. This offers a good economic and social return on investment.

Project Examples

University of Waikato

East Frame, Christchurch 

8 Henderson Valley Road, Panuku Site, Auckland


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