Basketball is the fastest growing major sport in New Zealand and Futsal is the fastest growing minor sport. Panna Football is the smaller, faster version of Futsal. Parklife courts respond to these New Zealand sport trends. 

Parklife’s outdoor courts and equipment are all designed with the player in mind, with correct dimensions for accurate play and player safety and to meet the technical requirements and standards for public space.

The courts become community spaces for people to gather, play, hang out, exercise and have fun.  Parklife courts are pre-designed and costed for project efficiency.  

Court activities and sizes can be adapted to the site, budget and community needs.

Marlborough Court

Known cost and outcome at project outset.

Hubbster Technology gives access to high quality footballs and basketballs, allows people to play together via the Hubbster app and gathers usage data for decision making. The Hubbster provides the option to monetize usage.
Equipment is 100% recyclable.
Mapei Coating System extends the life of courts and allows re-purposing of existing surfaces.

Made in New Zealand.
Design 80%.
Product Manufacture 80%.
Construction 100%.