The ARC above ground skate parklet offers a range of quarter pipe, half pipe and other skate features for a legit experience for skaters and an efficient and sure option for clients.

For skaters, scooters and BMX.



Known cost. Known outcome. 


Engineered by world-leaders harnessing decades of innovation. 


Long life product. Repairable. Replaceable modules. Reduce carbon impact of concrete in-ground skate park.


A park that appeals to a range of abilities.

PK11 Skate Parklet

Curated from experience, pre-designed and costed for project efficiency for surety of outcome.  

The Skate Parklet can be adapted to suit budget, site and community. 

PK11 Skate Parklet

Minimise earthworks, use of concrete and consent requirements.

Maxmise budget and leverage the expertise of ARC the masters of above ground parks.

Movable elements to allow for pop-up youth parks, add new elements or reconfigure the park to adapt to user needs.


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