Panna football brings street football back to public space for urban activation. Courts can be set up in pocket parks, reserves, plazas and squares to encourage games and play. Intermediate Panna is for 1X1, 2X2, 3X3 play.  Set up a Football Hubbster alongside the court for a complete experience.

Curated from experience, pre-designed and costed for project efficiency. Parklife offer an end-to-end design and build service to deliver courts for the community.


Known cost. Known outcome.


100% recyclable equipment.


Made in New Zealand.


Add Football Hubbster for high quality balls, allow people to play together via the Hubbster app and to gather usage data.  

Panna Football Court Mid
Panna Football Court Mid

10m x 11m /110m2

Design a bespoke space by selecting from a one of 6 Parklife Colours for the panels and a wide range of colours for the court surfacing.

Size can be adapted to the site to suit available budget, site or community needs.

Courts are constructed by either re-purposing an existing paved surface, new asphalt, or a reinforced concrete slab.

Sports Coating_
The 3-layered coating system is fit for purpose, designed by Mapei with a 10 year warranty.  It forms a hard wearing layer with high wear resistance to scooters, bikes, skateboards and plus excellent slip resistance for player performance and safety. Parklife is a Mapei Approved Applicator. 

The 4 panels are part of the Modular Football System available in 6 colours.

See Football Hubbster.


Technical Drawing

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