Playfulness is associated with childhood and immaturity, yet studies affirm that it is an essential ingredient for a long and healthy life.
Play in public space creates activity, street life and energy that builds vibrant communities.

The Ping Pong parklet is a colourful, playful space to draw people in for games, social connection and fun. The tables are canvases for creativity by selecting the colour and net or by applying an artwork.

The parklet includes a Parklife Ping Pong Table, Ping Pong Art Table, Round Table and a Ping Pong Hubbster

100% recyclable equipment. 
Known cost. Known outcome.

Hubbster technology gives access to bats and balls, allows people to play together via the Hubbster app and to gather usage data. 

90% Made in New Zealand.

Ping Pong Parklet
Ping Pong Hubbster

The number of tables, layout, colours and artwork can all be chosen by the client, designer or the community.   

The Tables and Hubbster can be set up on existing paved surface, new asphalt or a concrete slab.

Mild steel, zinc coated with 2-coat epoxy paint finish in one of 6 colours  [white, yellow, blue, orange, green or red] or a high quality laminate artwork applied with PPG clear coating.

Highest quality Ping Pong bats and balls provided in the Ping Pong Hubbster.


Ping Pong Parklet Brochure

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