Basketball is the fastest growing major team sport and Futsal is the fastest growing minor sport in NZ.

Panna Football is the smaller, faster version of Futsal. Fast paced, quick decisions,movement and teamwork make a Panna Court a perfect community asset.

The Multi Court parklet is a FIBA basketball half court and a panna football court in one.

Parklife’s outdoor courts and equipment are all designed with the player in mind, for quality play, safety and to meet the technical requirements and standards for public space.


Known cost. Known outcome.


100% recyclable equipment. Made in New Zealand, Aotearoa.


Basketball and Futsal are fast growing sports in New Zealand. Providing freely accessible public space courts gives people access to play and be fit and social. Courts can be dominated by males therefore design and activation to get females playing are necessary.

Multi Sport Outdoor Basketball + Football Court
Multi Sport Outdoor Basketball + Football Court
Multi Sport Outdoor Basketball + Football Court

13m x 17m / 221m2

Design a bespoke space by selecting from a one of 6 [white, yellow, blue, orange, green or red] colours for the panels and a wide range of colours for the court surfacing.

Size can be adapted to the site to suit available budget, site or community needs.

Courts are constructed by either re-purposing an existing paved surface, new asphalt, or a reinforced concrete slab.

Sports Coating_
The 3-layered court coating system is fit for purpose, designed by Mapei with a 10 year warranty.  It forms a hard wearing layer with high wear resistance to scooters, bikes, skateboards and plus excellent slip resistance for player performance and safety. Parklife is a Mapei Approved Applicator. 

The 4 panels are part of the Modular Football System available in 6 colours.

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