The Speed Plus  Pump Track is 40 lineal metres of riding track.

The track combines flow and challenge for a range of riding abilities for scooters, bikes and skateboards with longer straights than the Speed Ring. Bike Park, Skate Park, Scooter Park or all in one.

A great asset for a school or park for all ages for having fun, keeping fit and improving coordination.  Perfectly engineered in a controlled environment for a guranteed riding result for all wheels. 


The perfect geometry for rhythm and flow on bikes, skateboards and scooters.

Local pump track design and build expertise to achieve this does not exist.


Let them ride with confidence, develop skills, be challenged and experience the flow state.


A turnkey product with known outcome, cost and delivery.


A generator of community good will and positive feedback.

Speed Ring Plus Modular Pump Track

'My kids love this track, we need one in our neighbourhood'

Jeanette, Smiths Avenue

Pump Track, Lake Taupo Holiday Resort
Pump Track, Lake Taupo Holiday Resort

Design your own bespoke Pump Track using custom colours, branding or artwork on panels or the riding surface.

The Parkitect team can design a track for your site and budget.

Standard Colours_
Dark Grey, Black, Blue.

Special Colours_
Red, Green,  Yellow, Red, Light Grey.

Branding or Artwork_
Can be applied to the side panels or riding surface to create a unique track for your community.

Track Length_
1m wide (with 2m safety zone either side) and 49 lineal metres of riding track.

Proprietary composite  non-slip riding surface.  European Larch solid timber structure.  Galvanised mild steel strengthening components.  Stainless steel hardware.  Ecological resins, paints, insect and weather-proofing.

Site Works_
No site works required if surface is free draining, relatively level hard surface.  If not, then a minimum compacted basecourse recommended.

Lead time_
Approx 3 months from placement of order to install.

2 years.

Minimum 10 years.

No Resource Consent, Building Consent, safety surfacing and barriers required.


Technical Drawing
Maintenance and Warranty
Colour Options

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