The  Volleyball Hubbster solves the issue of access to a ball for a Volleyball in public space, commercial areas and tertiary institutions.  

The boxes are carefully curated with 2 of the finest quality balls. 

The box is a robust fixture, accessed via a user downloading the Hubbster app and unlocking the box. Internal sensors track the items and the user's credit card is held for any items not returned - think Lime Scooter.

Volleyball is a fast growing sport in Aotearoa and is a popular informal  recreational activity.


The box, pole and screw pile are 100% recyclable.   


Known cost. Known outcome.


The ultimate urban activation tool that incorporates 6 patented technologies for inventory control. An exemplar of the sharing economy and an essential tool for smart cities. From Copenhagen to New York, Lisbon and now New Zealand.


Access to quality Volleyballs provides a quality experience for everyone. The Hubbster provides the last mile for people to experience recreation.

Hubbster App

How does it work for the user?

Locate Hubbster.
Follow instructions or QR Code to download the app.
Create a profile in the app including credit card (for non-returned items).
Open the Hubbster box via smart phone app.
Have fun.
Return the gear within the time limit.

How does it work for the owner?

Parklife can assist with location, activity and complementary equipment.
Purchase a Hubbster.
Install by Parklife.
Service App, Cleaning Kit and Maintenance Manual provided.
Ongoing digital service provided by Hubbster. 

Volleyball Hubbster

Set up a Volleyball Hubbster next to a court in a park or by the beach. Request a quote for a permanent Volleyball net with a Volleyball Hubbster. 

Unit Exterior_
The unit is fabricated by a Security Safe manufacturer with an extremely robust locking system, 4mm thick steel wall with a high spec powdercoat finish. The unit is secured in place with a ground screw and anti-tamper fixings.
Unit Interior_
The interior design is equipment specific and based on the Poka-yoke principle, which makes it impossible to place the equipment back in the unit the wrong way.
Inventory Control_
Patented inventory control system including 6 internal sensors to monitor the return of items.  User’s credit cards are held for any items not returned. Note: Of the 1000’s of Hubbsters in place around the world, only 1 ball has been taken and charged to a user’s card.
Expected Lifetime_ 
Battery - 2 years (rechargeable)
Unit - 10 years.
Usage Data_
The asset owner can gather usage data to inform decision making.
Lead Time_ 
Approx. 3 months from placement of order to install.
Digital, Maintenance, Technical Services _
Contact us to discuss.

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