Hubbster provides on-demand games and outdoor equipment to improve existing facilities, create vibrant local communities and foster play for everyone.

Hubbster boxes are rugged outdoor fixtures that give people access to games and recreational gear 24/7. The product is an exemplar of the sharing economy. Access is via the Hubbster smartphone app - think Lime Scooter.

14 different games and activities are available.  5 are featured_ Fitness, Ping Pong, Basketball, Football, Petanque and Games [Chess, Backgammon, Go, Mahjong].  Other options include Croquet, Volleyball, Pickle Ball, Kubb and Molky.


Hubbster is the ultimate urban activator. An award winning Danish design created by the perfect combination of smarts - a leading urbanist and a tech inventor.

The boxes are battery-driven, easy to install and intuitive to use with an inventory system that tracks the returned items. The user's credit card is held for any items not returned.

The Hubbsters are built to last. Manufactured by a safe deposit manufacturer, they are built following high security standards in 4mm stainless steel.  

The Hubbsters are activating spaces in New York, Copenhagen, Paris, Lisbon and now New Zealand.

Hubbster Video from Copenhagen

Here how Hubbster worked in Paris from the Mayor