FootballSC_02 Panna Football

SC_02 Panna Football



SC_02 Panna Football


Panna Football is the legendary street soccer game that is popular in Europe and the US that was arguably started by the Dutch.  The game encourages social togetherness and physical activity and is a great option for tactical urbanism.

The game Panna Football is a great activation game for public space placemaking both for fun and to practice getting touches on the ball, quick decision making and movement for ball mastery.  Format can include 1v1 and 2v2 matches. 

The Panna Football cage is made in China to ParkLife specifications.  The product is 100% steel and is 100% recyclable. The product is robust and low maintenance and offers great value for money.


Structure - mild steel; powder coated.


Top - 6 powdercoat options - white, yellow, blue, orange, green or red.


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