Modified versions of Football - Panna, Futsal, Freestyle - are all fast paced and encourage ball mastery.

Futsal is the fastest growing minor sport in New Zealand.  

Bringing modified football into public space is a great urban activator that can be achieved by adding goals or mini arenas [courts] that can be set up in pocket parks, reserves, plazas and squares.

The FIFA Women's World Cup hosted in Australia/New Zealand in 2023 will increase the popularity of football.


100% recyclable. Made in New Zealand.


Known cost. Known outcome.


Football is a great social connector and is popular with a diverse range of people.  Courts in public space provide equitable access to the game, particularly for the alternative versions including Futsal and Panna Football.

FB01 Modular Football System

The Modular Panel System consists of 4no. 1.2m high panels that can be combined to create a standalone goal or a complete panna court.

Panna football is the fast, compact street version of Futsal. Futsal is the modified 5X5 version of Football played on a court. 

Panels, layout and colours can be chosen the Project Manager, Landscape Architect, community or the Parklife team to suit the project activity requirements, space and/or budget.

Football Goals

Create your own court or goal or create a Panna Court or Multi Court.
If you have site dimensions and budget let us design a court or a goal for you.
Choose 1 of 7 Parklife Colours for the panels.

Mild steel protected with HDG500 Hot Dipped Galvanising with Dulux Duratec Powdercoat finish. Post - surface or plant mounted options
Curved Panel / Large Goal - 1.2 H x 1m R
Small Flat Panel - 1.2m H x 1m W
Large Flat Panel - 1.2 H x 2m W
Small Goal - 1.2m H x 1m W.NZ

Steel NZS 3404:2016
Welding AS/NZS 1554:2014
Fixings AS/NZS 1252:2016
Galvanising AS/NZS 4680:2006
Coatings AS/NZS 2312:2014

5 years.


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Colour Options

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