The Fitness Parklet is a modern outdoor gym experience that responds to current fitness trends.

Group training, boot camps, yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) all utilise the equipment offered in the parklet including bars for body weight workouts, stretching and natural surfacing for yoga.


Basic Training products are 100% recyclable and made in New Zealand. Cork surface is carbon positive (absorbs carbon) and cork is 100% renewable.


Known cost. Known outcome.


Freely accessible fitness facilities in parks contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities. Women are motivated to exercise for fitness, therefore including fitness in options in parks is a good way to create gender equity in parks.

Fitness Parklet

Curated from experience, pre-designed and costed for project efficiency, the parklet overs 200 cardio and strength exercise options from 9 different types of equipment for all fitness levels and the ultimate street workout.

Fitness Parklet
Fitness Parklet

Size and activities can be adapted to the site and colours can be chosen for the equipment from one of 6 [white, yellow, blue, orange, green or red] for the Fitness Frame. 

Cork with concrete nib surround.

Mild steel, zinc coated with 2-coat epoxy paint finish in one of 6 colours or galvanised finish.

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