People are aware of health and wellbeing more than ever, particularly generation Y and Z.  

The beauty of an outdoor workout, aside from the insta. shots, is no membership fees, a daily dose of vitamin D, fresh park air and a workout for body and mind.

Outdoor fitness needs to meet current fitness trends and cater to a range of fitness levels.  

Trends include group training, boot camps, yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) and include dynamic free weights, bars for body weight workouts, suspension trainers and yoga.  

Parklife have weaved these factors into the Fitness Equipment we offer and our design/build options - Fitness Parklet and Fitness Island  - to create appealing spaces and a modern outdoor gym experience.

Parklife can design, supply, construct a fitness solution to meet your project, budget and community.  

For a proven solution that gives surety – known outcome, known cost at project outset– check out the pre-designed and costed Fitness Parklet and Fitness Island.

Or, consider our range of equipment and slot them into your own project including Fitness Frame and Norwell Range.

New ways to be active are part of the government strategy summed up by Peter Miskimmins, CEO Sport New Zealand.

‘New and innovative ways to create opportunities for New Zealanders to be active.’

Peter Miskimmins, CEO, Sport New Zealand.