ProjectsNew Brighton Basketball Art Court

New Brighton Basketball Art Court

FIBA Basketball Half Court


New Brighton Basketball Art Court

FIBA Basketball Half Court

Taking a cracked, grey expanse of asphalt and transforming it into an inspirational active space like the New Brighton Art Court takes 3 key elements:

1.     A committed client
2.     An effective process to engage a local artist
3.     The right team to translate the artwork into a sports surface fit for public space
For the New Brighton Art Court, Development Christchurch and SCAPE Art Trust covered the first two elements and we took care of the rest with the selected artist.

Quality is key here as the ‘artwork’ is subject to the usual extremes of the public space environment plus the rigours of a competitive game of streetball and often skateboarding and scootering.   The accolades will be short lived for an artwork that looks good on opening day but deteriorates thereafter.

Our intent is to create legacy projects and we invite you to do the same.  Our surfacing is a high quality multi layered coating system for public space and our replacement Basketball Tower is engineered to 5 NZ standards and comes with a PS1 Engineer Certification.

In New Brighton, the successful local artist Nathan Ingram’s winning design captured the design brief to include aspects of the natural landscape, where the sea meets the land in a bold stylistic manner. 

Crucially the artwork was well suited to the big, broad canvas that was the basketball court. 

“I was quite blown away by the execution of the design, I could not believe how well they got it down to the last millimetre. Being involved has got me thinking about what I would do in the next project like this.”

Nathan also chose the colours for the Basketball Tower backboard and hoop to complete his vision for the space.

For the client, DCL, Cath shared “we have really achieved the three key parts of the brief that was for it to involve activity, to include art and to be developed locally with local interpretation.”

The outcome for the community is a space that is vibrant, suited to competitive basketball, and as Nathan discovered it’s not all about sport…

“I have seen kids jumping between the lines in the painting, and it made me realise that the project has another dimension, a physical dimension for people, and that’s something I overlooked when I embarked on it.”

Nailing these key elements could see your next project wow your client and inspire a community.

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