Find your edge by offering engaging and fun activities that contribute to the health and wellbeing of staff, customers, tenants and visitors for commercial premises, multi-unit residential and industrial parks.

We now know that social bonds are more important to our health than our cholersterol and that sitting is considered the new smoking.

Given the amount of time that most of us spend at work, mostly seated, the promotion of health and wellbeing in the work environment is urgent.

Typically larger companies offer programs that promote health but studies have shown that broader strategies used in the design of the workspace itself can have a large and sustained impact on the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Ping Pong, Petanque, Board Games, Basketball or Fitness are all activities that deliver health and social benefits. They do so disguised as fun.

The innovative Hubbster that gives access to these activities for staff members and allows employers to gather data on usage. This is an easy to manage workplace intervention initiative, once the Hubbster is set up, the activities kick off with low ongoing management.


A Ping Pong Parklet is a great connector that adds culture, art and play and delivers health and social benefits to the people.

Petanque excludes no-one and equally can be highly competitive or super low key.  The Petanque Hubbster provides the highest quality Petanque balls and a Petanque court is an easy install to integrate into a commercial space.

A Games Hubbster in an outdoor setting brings life to seated areas and encourages people to linger, play and hang out.

Basketball and Fitness are the more strenuous options.  The Basketball D Court is the smallest most efficient court for commercial space. 

The smallest Fitness Frame is 6x6m and set in an outdoor commercial space provides free access for staff to work out in breaks, before and after work. The Fitness Parklet offers 200 cardio and strength exercise options from 9 different types of equipment for all fitness levels.