The solar powered light with inbuilt activity sensor is a smart lighting option to extend play into dark.  It has a range of applications and is shown here fitted to our Basketball Hoops.

Playing basketball in parks is a positive group activity that helps people stay active and social. Basketball growth in NZ is phenomenal and there is a significant undersupply of facilities. Extending the usability of basketball courts in parks assists with this need in a very simple and cost effective way.


Solar powered. Made in Aotearoa.


Known cost, known outcome at project outset.


Basketball is a great social connector and is popular with a diverse range of people.  Basketball Courts in public space provide equitable access to the game. 

How it works?

The Daylight / Night-time sensor will activate the solar light when activity is detected to 100% illumination for the first 2 hours of dark and reduce to 30% illumination when there is no activity. At sunrise the solar light reverts to sleep mode and recharges the battery. Timing can be varied.

This product harnesses the power of solar and is robust for use in the public space environment. 

Park Light for Basketball Courts
Park Light for Basketball Courts

Mild steel protected with PPG zinc and paint system to PUR5 - minimum category C4 High / 25 years durability. Also available in HDG500 Hot Dipped Galvanised.

6.4V/12Ah lithium iron phosphate battery
100lm/W lumen.

Pole 5 years
Light 2 years.


Technical Drawing
Maintenance and Warranty

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