The perfect basketball solution for schools!

Either select the height adjusting basketball only or add the multiplay for rotating netball and basketball.

The adjusting mechanism that only requires the backboard to be moved up and down rather than the whole pole, minimises stress on moving parts and ensures a product that will deliver play long into the future.  

The multiplay rotating for basketball and netball  system is for courts with combined basketball and netball courts that are the same length.

The innovative backboard mechanism consists of two frames sliding on rails, the board and ring can be adjusted from ground level using the hand tool provided with a gas lifter for ease of operation.


Known cost. Known outcome.


100% recyclable.


Basketball is a great social connector and is popular with a diverse range of people.  Courts in public space provide equitable access to the game.  

Height Adjustable Rotating Basketball + Netball Tower

NZ Standards_
Steel NZS 3404:2016
Welding AS/NZS 1554:2014
Fixings AS/NZS 1252:2016
Galvanising AS/NZS 4680:2006
Coatings AS/NZS 2312:2014

Select Basketball Only Adjustable Height or add the MultiPlay rotating netball/basketball (if required).

Mild steel protected with HDG500 Hot Dipped Galvanising - minimum category C4 High / 15-25 years durability.

All Weather Polyboard backboard and frame. Available to suit both full size (1.8m wide) and practice size (1.2m wide) boards. 

New PHS sprung hoop with rubber cushioned spring return, safety side covers and Waverail net tie system that will never tangle the net.

Orange epoxy paint finish.

New anti-whip white nylon net.

Adjusting Mechanism_
Gas strut assisted 'easy motion' changes ring height from 3.05m (10ft) to 2.6m (8.53 foot) for junior players. 

The Netball ring/net will have two separate attachment points, that adjust the ring from 3.05m (10ft) to 2.4m (8ft) for juniors.

Basketball to netball activity rotates with the aid of a light weight hand tool included with supply of tower.

5 years.

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