BasketballS2A_04 4 Way Basketball Tower

4 Way Basketball Tower

Basketball Hoop


4 Way Basketball Tower

Basketball Hoop

The 4 Way Basketball Tower provides a robust and fun feature for the playground or schools that provides accurate and competitive shooting opportunities for both junior and senior kids. The 4 Way
Tower has 2 x 10ft and 2 x 8ft height hoops.

The Basketball Tower is made from steel and aluminium which is plentiful but non-renewable resource. This material is however very durable and is well suited to outdoor products that receive heavy use and low maintenance. The tower can be 100% recycled.

The quality of the tower is maximised by manufacturing in NZ to give the product a long life. This offers a good economic and social return on investment.   In essence our Basketball Hoops are the best hoops in New Zealand for parks and schools.

Design your own bespoke coloured 4 Way Basketball Tower using the range of colours for the basketball backboard and hoop.

NZ Standards

Steel NZS 3404:2016

Welding AS/NZS 1554:2014

Fixings AS/NZS 1252:2016

Galvanising AS/NZS 4680:2006

Coatings AS/NZS 2312:2014

IPENZ Producer Statement (PS1) Design


BACKBOARD SIZE Competition size 1200 x 800mm


BACKBOARD COLOUR Aluminium Backboard available in Dulux Duratec Powdercoat finish in white, yellow, blue, orange, green or red.

HOOP COLOUR Available in any Resene colour.

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